Dear guest of Ostend Hotel,

We must also screen all customers via the CovidSafe Ticket from Monday 1 November. We would like to inform you how best to do this, and if so, to be well prepared before you arrive here:

How can a guest obtain this CST proof? This proof can be obtained from:

• The CovidSafe app 

The guest always has his/her proof in his/her pocket via the app, and the QR code is easily available.

• Government websites 

Handy for those who don't have a smartphone. You can register on government websites such as My Citizen Profile, or MyHealthViewer. You can request your corona pass digitally there. You do need your identity card with pin code and card reader or a digital key (such as itsme). You can get your corona pass as a PDF that you can then print.

• Call 

For those who are not very computer-savvy, the corona pass can also be requested by telephone. o It will then be sent by post.  Attention: this cannot be used for a corona pass based on a negative test, because the proof would be in the post longer than it is actually valid. In Flanders you can call on 078/78 78 50 24 hours a day for this. Do you have other questions? Then this is possible during the day from Monday to Saturday.

• through your local government

Doesn't work? Some local governments are committed to helping people get their proof easily. Feel free to ask your local government if they can help.