Dear guest of Ostend Hotel,


Welcome to Ostend, the most hospitable seaside resort.


All our hotel employees have pulled out all the stops in the past days to ensure that you can enjoy every second of your holiday, as has always been the case in Ostend.


Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to take into account a number of recommendations, for your and our safety, which we explain in more detail below.


- Did you spot the plexiglass shield at the reception upon arrival? No need to worry. The smile of our employees is even more radiant and welcoming than before.


- Did you reserve a stay for multiple nights? When you check in, you can already inform reception that your room does not need to be cleaned every day. This is safer for everyone.


- Obviously our cleaning staff still has plenty of work to do. They thoroughly clean and disinfect every nook and cranny of the spaces where you mix with others (reception, breakfast area, lounge, etc.).


- We have removed a number of things from your room, such as magazines and brochures. Do you require more information about events and activities in Ostend? Go to


- While face coverings are mandatory in the hotel. Also our employees wear one. They all received training to learn how to smile with their eyes.


- Maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres is safer for everyone.


- Only use the lift with people with whom you share a room.


- Do you feel sick or worried? We want you to be able to enjoy every second of your visit to Ostend. Stay home until you feel better.


- Starting out your day with a good breakfast is very important. That hasn’t changed. Perhaps you may find less items at the buffet. But our breakfast is still just as good and enjoyable.



- Do you want to go to the beach during your stay? Of course you can! You don’t have to register anywhere unless it is clear, three days ahead, that the beach will be very busy. In that case, the hotel will be notified of this and you can still book a spot on the beach.


- MAy we ask to pay with a card. You can pay contactless up to certain amounts.


The kids playroom and sauna are closed for now. They are scheduled to reopen on 1 July. 


This summer only one motto applies in Ostend: The Seaside is safe. We are all at your service to ensure that you enjoy the experience. As has always been the case. Welcome. We will roll out the red carpet for you in the City by the Sea.